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(no subject)

Sorry, Major friends cut
For now,
i will make my livejournal half public, half friend's only
You are deleted either
you don't meet my rules or we not close enough

For now, no more new friends will be added, except if i asked.
Why? Just want to be keep my journal close as
i can

It doesn't mean that i don't like you, i know all of you got lot more LJ friend than i do
But I really don't like so many people looking at my entry and
i don't really feel comfortable on that

But highly chance i won't be update anymore so there's no point anyway


So long~

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Thank you for keeping me on your list ^^ I really enjoy reading your posts.

Thank you for keeping me Satchan! *

awww! I wish I am still on your friends list....

must be wrong button
sorry honey~

it's alright! I hope you keep up with your journals! I enjoy reading about your live! <3333s

actually i'm closing it
i'll be only open it for sale....


:O i'm glad i can still read your interesting entries :)

Satchan! Don't give up your entries! Y_Y They are so awesome! Haha... Maybe I should post more. =_="

Thanks for keeping me on your friends list Satchan :D~


I just noticed you added the AP Candy cutsew to your sales list ~ it's really cute!
Do you think it would fit nicely on a 76cm bust?

And would you accept $40 shipped to New Zealand? The shirt should be thin/light enough to fit into a large envelope [letter rate $3 - $7AUD], am I right? Letter rate post will also be quicker than parcel post, which is a plus!

That may make the postage cost cheaper for you :3

Look forward to your reply

Also, do you still have your model girl skirt for sale? ^^ I remember it from a post of yours a while ago.

sorry to reply here, since your PM was offf..
would you take 110 shipped to us for the LP?
thanks :3
Im really interested ^^

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